Philosophers on Substack

Substack, the online publishing platform, appears to be increasing in popularity among philosophers as a place to blog and share ideas via newsletter.

Yet it can be difficult to find philosophers’ Substacks if you’re not already aware of them, or if they are not especially popular. So I thought it would be useful to create a space to list them. To keep things manageable, let’s limit this post to Substacks by philosophy professors or those with at least some graduate training in philosophy.

Here’s a list of Substacks by philosophers I’m aware of:

Please share others in the comments. Thanks!

P.S. Substack is where the service New Work in Philosophy is published.


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Brad Skow
26 days ago

Thanks for the shout-out!Report

26 days ago

Eric Mathison (PhD Toronto, currently teaching there, too), Value Judgments:

Seth Adelman
26 days ago

Massimo Pigliucci has recently moved his ‘Figs in Winter’ blog to Substack as well:

26 days ago

A Fate Worse Than Death by Becca Rothfeld

Bryan Frances
26 days ago
Harriet Baber
26 days ago

I’m writing on Substack at H.E.’s Newsletter here:

JP Deranty
26 days ago

I’ve been running this newsletter, linked to a project on arguments for and against the centrality of work:

David Livingstone Smith
25 days ago

Dehumanization Matters by David Livingstone SmithReport

Jannik Lindquist
24 days ago

I moved my “Socrates and the Stoics”-project to Substack in August 2021: