Online Philosophy Resources Weekly Update

The weekly report on new and revised entries at online philosophy resources and new reviews of philosophy books…



  1. Existentialism by Kevin Aho.


  1. Haecceitism by Sam Cowling.
  2. Beardsley’s Aesthetics by Michael Wreen.
  3. Democritus by Sylvia Berryman.
  4. Bernardino Telesio by Michaela Boenke.
  5. Kant’s Account of Reason by Garrath Williams.


  1. The Value of Art by Harry Drummond.


  1. A Middle Way: A Non-Fundamental Approach to Many-Body Physics by Robert W. Batterman is reviewed by Jula R.S. Bursten.
  2. Wilderness, Morality, and Value by Joshua Duclos is reviewed by Kyle Johannsen.
  3. Analytical Essay on the Faculties of the Soul by Charles Bonnet is reviewed by John H. Zammito.

1000-Word Philosophy        

  1. Arguments: Why Do You Believe What You Believe? by Thomas Metcalf.

Project Vox     ∅

Recent Philosophy Book Reviews in Non-Academic Media

  1. In Praise of Failure by Costica Bradatan is reviewed by Jenifer Szalai at The New York Times.
  2. Is St. Thomas’ Aristotelian Philosophy of Nature Obsolete? by Robert C. Koons is reviewed by Edward Feser at Public Discourse.
  3. Justice for Animals: Our Collective Responsibility by Martha C. Nussbaum is reviewed by Matthew Scully at National Review.

Compiled by Michael Glawson

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