Philosophy, AI, and Society Listserv

Philosophy, AI, and Society (PAIS) is a listserv that aims to “connect philosophers working on AI and related digital technologies, with a particular focus on their societal dimensions.”

Run by the Machine Intelligence and Normative Theory Lab (MINTLab), PAIS “is open to anyone with an interest in those topics, and members can post to the list to contact other members. The goal is to help build the Philosophy, AI and Society Network, particularly to share news about events, opportunities, and research activities.”

You can sign up for PAIS here.

While we’re on the subject, the director of MINTLab, Seth Lazar (Australian National University) will be delivering the Tanner Lectures at Stanford next month on “AI and Human Values.” Further details here.

Beyond the Ivory Tower. Workshop for academics on writing short pieces for wide audiences on big questions. Taking place October 18th to 19th. Application deadline July 30th. Funding provided.
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