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The weekly report on new and revised entries at online philosophy resources and new reviews of philosophy books…



  1. The Possibilism-Actualism Debate by Christopher Menzel.


  1. Public Justification by Kevin Vallier.
  2. Inconsistent Mathematics by Chris Mortensen.

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Recent Philosophy Book Reviews in Non-Academic Media  

  1. Home in the World by Amartya Sen is reviewed by Fara Dabhiowala at The New York Review of Books.
  2. Panopticon versus New South Wales and Other Writings on Australia by Jeremy Bentham and Bentham and Australia: Convicts, Utility and Empire are reviewed by Gordon Pentland at Australian Book Review.
  3. Happiness in Action: A Philosopher’s Guide to the Good Life by Adam Adatto Sandel is reviewed at The Christian Science Monitor.
  4. The Kingdom of Darkness: Bayle, Newton, and the Emancipation of the European Mind from Philosophy by Dmitri Levitin is reviewed by Steven Nadler at Literary Review.

Compiled by Michael Glawson

BONUS: Philosophy of probability

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