“New Work In Philosophy” Launches

A new multimedia newsletter for “disseminating and discussing new work in philosophy” went live today.

New Work In Philosophy is a Substack newsletter and website that “will feature short, accessible blog posts, videos, and other multimedia (such as pictures, audio recordings, elaborate argument maps, etc.) in which philosophers promote, discuss, and disseminate their new(ish) work (published articles, books, and conference presentations), or the work of others (including article and book reviews, etc.).”

The project is the creation of Marcus Arvan (Tampa) and Barry Maguire. They aim for the site to be “a place for productive, professional discussion of new research.”

Whose work will the site promote? Professors Arvan and Maguire say: “We welcome unsolicited submissions from any professional philosopher (PhD students or beyond) or anyone who has previously published or presented philosophy in legitimate peer-reviewed venues. We particularly encourage submissions from junior philosophers and underrepresented groups in the profession, as well as postdocs, VAPs, and full or part-time faculty from a diverse variety of institutions.”

New Work In Philosophy launched with entries from Sukaina Hirji (University of Pennsylvania) on her “Outrage and the Bounds of Empathy” (Philosophers’ Imprint), Wendy Salkin (Stanford University) on her “Democracy Within, Justice Without: The Duties of Informal Political Representatives” (Noûs), and Mark Schroeder (University of Southern California) on his “Attributive Silencing” (Oxford Studies in Metaethics). You can check them out here.

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1 year ago

Just a quick note to encourage submissions by more established philosophers that introduce significant work from less established philosophers.