Philosophy Grad Program Application Info Spreadsheet

An open-access spreadsheet about philosophy graduate program admissions, including relevant links and information about application deadlines, fees, requirements, funding packages, and so on, has recently been updated.

[Roberto Burle Marx – Design for a Mineral Roof Garden]

The spreadsheet is the project of Linds Whittaker, a graduate student in philosophy at the University of Washington.

Here it is:

The spreadsheet is accessible here, too.

(The information on this spreadsheet will also be reproduced in a slightly different form on this website sponsored by the University of Washington Department of Philosophy, along with a spreadsheet for information regarding MA program applications; as of the time of this post the versions on that site had not been updated.)

If you notice any errors on the Google spreadsheet, you can note them in the comments here and/or email corrections to Linds Whittaker.


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Eddy Nahmias
5 months ago

I’d love to know if any of the programs with those early deadlines in December actually look at apps before January and hold it against applicants if their letters come in after deadline but before, say, Jan 5. Asking for a friend who often writes letters between Xmas and new year.Report

Reply to  Eddy Nahmias
5 months ago

At several of the places I’ve been, admissions is run centrally, and the Graduate School only forwards complete applications to the department. If required elements are not there by the deadline, the department may not even see that the student has applied.Report

Heather Douglas
Reply to  Eddy Nahmias
5 months ago

At MSU, we’re reading applications by mid December and have to have preliminary decisions made by early January because of internal university wide deadlines for funding. So Jan. 5 would be too late.Report

5 months ago

I’m remembering doing applications last year. Best of luck to all those applying—it’s a lot of work.Report

Lindsay Whittaker
5 months ago

Greetings folks–over the next week I will be re-auditing the information for GRE, deadlines, working links, etc. so I can get the website based (and screen reader friendly) version updated. I will also email departments if I notice any broken links or items that are in tension with information on respective graduate school websites (e.g., application fees not matching, different deadlines, etc.).

Folks may also receive an email if the GRE or transcript requirement is potentially ambiguous. For what it’s worth, “GRE not required” can sometimes mean “optional” while other times it seems to mean “don’t send it we won’t look at it” which can be a bit confusing for folks applying. Likewise, “official transcripts” can mean either a scan of an official transcript or a hardcopy. The former can be low/no cost while the latter can be fairly expensive and in past cycles these were common sources of slight frustration for applicants as they completed their applications.Report

James Starks
4 months ago

This is a wonderful resource! Cheers to the hero who put this together!Report