Frederic J. Schick (1929-2022)

Frederic J. Schick, professor emeritus of philosophy at Rutgers University, has died.


Professor Schick worked on decision theory, philosophy of action, and philosophy of economics. He is the author of, among other things, Understanding Action: An Essay on Reasons (1991), Making Choices: A Recasting of Decision Theory (1997), and Ambiguity and Logic (2003). You can learn more about his writings here.

Professor Schick taught at Rutgers for over fifty years. Prior to that, he held appointments at Cambridge University, Columbia University, Connecticut College, Brandeis University, and the University of Washington. He earned his PhD, MA, and BA from Columbia University.

According to an obituary here, there will be a memorial service for Professor Schick on Thursday, October 20th at 3:00 pm, at The Riverside, 76th and Amsterdam Avenue, in New York City.

(via Martin Bunzl)

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