Online Philosophy Resources Weekly Update

The weekly report on new and revised entries at online philosophy resources and new reviews of philosophy books…



  1. Self-Locating Beliefs by Andy Egan and Michael G. Titelbaum.

Revised:         ∅  


  1. Deductive and Inductive Arguments by Timothy Shanahan.


  1. Recognition and the Human Life-Form: Beyond Identity and Difference by Heikki Ikäheimo is reviewed by J.M. Bernstein.
  2. Almost Over: Aging, Dying, Death by F.M. Kamm is reviewed by Christopher Belshaw.
  3. Immaterial: Rules in Contemporary Art by Sherri Irvin is reviewed by Darren Hudson Hick.
  4. Reconsidering Reparations by Olúfẹ́mi Táíwò is reviewed by Darrel Moellendorf.
  5. Branching Space-Times: Theory and Applications by Nuel Belnap, Thomas Müller, and Tomasz Placek is reviewed by Valentin Goranko.

1000-Word Philosophy       ∅

Project Vox     ∅

Recent Philosophy Book Reviews in Non-Academic Media  

  1. Rules: A Short Study of What We Live By by Lorraine Daston is reviewed by Jonathan Rée at The Times Literary Supplement.
  2. Life Is Hard by Kieran Setiya is reviewed by Kate Tuttle at Boston Globe, and by Helena de Bres at Los Angeles Review of Books
  3. Magnificent Rebels: The First Romantics and the Invention of the Self by Andrea Wulf and Jena 1800: The Republic of Free Spirits by Peter Neumann (trans. Shelly Frisch) are reviewed by Kwame Anthony Appiah at The New York Review.
  4. When Bad Thinking Happens to Good People by Steven Nadler and Lawrence Shapiro is reviewed by Ryan M. Brown at Commonweal.

Compiled by Michael Glawson

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