Larry Laudan (1941-2022)

Larry Laudan, an influential philosopher of science and law, died on August 23rd, 2022.

Professor Laudan is the author of Progress and Its ProblemsScience and Values: The Aims of Science and Their Role in Scientific DebateBeyond Positivism and Relativism: Theory, Method, and Evidence, Truth, Error, and Criminal Law: An Essay in Legal Epistemology, and many other works, listed here and here.

Professor Laudan earned an undergraduate degree in physics at the University of Kansas before going on to do graduate work in philosophy at Princeton University and the University of Cambridge. Over the years he held appointments at a variety of institutions, notably the University of London, the University of Pittsburgh (where he was the founding chair of the Department of History and Philosophy of Science), Virginia Tech, the University of Hawaii, the University of Texas, and the National Autonomous University of Mexico, among others.

You can learn more about his life and work in a warm and detailed obituary here.

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1 year ago

Why are there no comments? He was one of the greatest philosophers of science. May he rest in peace.

3 months ago

Progress and its Problems and Science and Values are masterworks. An incredible philosopher of science.