Philosophers’ Views of Exploitation: A Survey

An interdisciplinary team of researchers is looking to find out more about what philosophers think about exploitation.

[Lida Moser, “Two Workers, Exxon Building” (detail)]

The survey’s authors are Benjamin Ferguson (Warwick)Peter Matthews (Middlebury)David Ronayne (ESMT Berlin), and Roberto Veneziani (Queen Mary University London). They write:

We are conducting a survey about academic philosophers’ views of what exploitation is, by judging how exploitative you feel various abstract scenarios are. It takes roughly ten minutes to complete the questions, with the option to answer more if you like. If you complete the survey, we will send you a copy of the eventual working paper summarizing the results, and we will enter you in our prize draw to receive one of ten $200 (or local currency equivalent) Amazon vouchers (unless you opt out).

You can find a link to participate in the survey here

The survey has passed internal ethics reviews.

Thank you for contributing your expertise!

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Curtis Franks
Curtis Franks
2 years ago

The choice to opt out of the $200 Amazon voucher raffle might say more about one’s views on exploitation than the explicit survey responses.