Ismael from Columbia to Johns Hopkins

Jenann Ismael, currently professor of philosophy at Columbia University, will be moving to Johns Hopkins University.

Professor Ismael works in philosophy of physics, metaphysics, philosophy of science, cognitive science, and related areas, authoring several books and many articles on a range of subjects within these areas, including time, free will, the nature of the self, causation, probability, quantum mechanics, among others. You can browse some of her work at her site and at PhilPapers.

Professor Ismael will be taking up her position as full professor of philosophy at Johns Hopkins this fall.

(via Steven Gross)

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James Cummings
1 year ago

I find it wonderfully counterintuitive that a huge stash of money at Hopkins would actually increase entropy within the profession…this is not the billiard-ball universe to which I had become resigned.

James Cummings
1 year ago

All speculation aside, may I offer congratulations to Dr. Ismael on moving from one very important position to another? Best wishes to her and the entire department at Hopkins.