Goodin Wins Skytte Prize

Robert Goodin, emeritus professor of philosophy at Australian National University, is the winner of the 2022 Johann Skytte Prize in Political Science.

The Skytte Prize, sponsored by the Johan Skytte Foundation at Uppsala University, is awarded to honor “the most remarkable achievements within the field of political science.” The Foundation awarded the prize to Goodin for his work over the past several decades, in which he

with acuity and success endeavored to blend political philosophy with empirical political science to increase the understanding of how decent and dignified societies can be shaped… He is a political thinker whose entire scholarly life has been shaped by the conviction that human progress is possible and that carefully designed public policy is one of the main tools we have for achieving it. He could thus be called one of the “social engineers” of political philosophy, and one of his lasting contributions has indeed been to develop “institutional design” as a field of research.

You can read the comprehensive prize citation here.

The Skytte Prize, which has been called by some the Nobel Prize of political science, includes an award of 500,000 Swedish kronor (approximately $50,000). You can view a list of previous Skytte Prize winners here.

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