Online Philosophy Resources Weekly Update

The weekly report on new and revised entries at online philosophy resources and new reviews of philosophy books…


New:     ∅


  1. Democracy by Tom Christiano and Sameer Bajaj.
  2. Holism and Nonseparability in Physics by Richard Healey and Henrique Gomes.
  3. Epistemic Paradoxes by Roy Sorensen.
  4. William David Ross by Anthony Skelton.
  5. Philosophy of Linguistics by Barbara C. Scholz, Francis Jeffry Pelletier, Geoffrey K. Pullum, and Ryan Nefdt.
  6. Gelukpa [dge lugs pa] by Douglas Duckworth.
  7. Malebranche’s Theory of Ideas and Vision in God by Lawrence Nolan.
  8. The Concept of the Aesthetic by James Shelley.
  9. Nothingness by Roy Sorensen.

IEP     ∅   


  1. Metaphysical Emergence by Jessica M. Wilson is reviewed by Alyssa Ney.
  2. Non-Being: New Essays on the Metaphysics of Non-existence by Sara Bernstein and Tyron Goldschmidt (eds.) is reviewed by Zach Weber.

1000-Word Philosophy     ∅       

Project Vox     ∅          

Recent Philosophy Book Reviews in Non-Academic Media    

  1. Drawing the Line by Erich Hatala Matthes is reviewed by Christiana Patterson at The Sunday Times.
  2. The Life Inside: A Memoir of Prison, Family and Philosophy by Andy West is reviewed by Alex Peake-Tomkinson at Prospect Magazine.
  3. The Right to Sex: Feminism in the Twenty-First Century by Amia Srinivasan is reviewed by Lily Meyer at The Hedgehog Review.
  4. The Women Are Up to Something: How Elizabeth Anscombe, Philippa Foot, Mary Midgely and Iris Murdoch Revolutionized Ethics is reviewed by Cheryl Misak at Philosopher’s Magazine.

 Compiled by Michael Glawson

BONUS: This is the way for “begs the question,” too.


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