Philosophers for Ukraine Project

Anton Tarasyuk, a Ukrainian, currently in Kyiv, with an MA in philosophy, is part of a group launching the project, “Philosophers for Ukraine.”

The idea is to gather brief statements from philosophers in which they speak out against Russia’s attack on Ukraine, or in support of the Ukrainian people.

[detail of photo by Emilio Morenatti, Kyiv]

He writes:

On February 24, Russia launched a war against Ukraine. City shellings, civilian killings, bombing squares and universities are the new reality for our country.

With colleagues we launched an initiative to engage the philosophical community to speak against Russian aggression in Ukraine. This is a turning point for philosophers. Now, they become new Sartres or Heideggers.

Philosophical enterprise has always been an enterprise of freedom. Right now, people of Ukraine defend the right of Europe and the global world to live freely, think freely, and philosophize freely. Philosophical enterprise has always been an enterprise of thinking in public. Right now, people of Ukraine need your thinking and your voice.

We call on the entire philosophical community to speak out in support of Ukraine and become ambassadors of peace and justice.

He is asking for philosophers to write statements of up to 300 words, and email them to [email protected] or to him at [email protected]. The statements will then be published at the Philosophers for Ukraine site ( The project has just begun, and it may take some time for contributions to appear.

Note that the site may occasionally be down. Mr. Tarasyuk writes:

There may be some technical problems from time to time, for all is done literally between going to bomb shelters, and there appear problems with Internet in Ukraine.

So if you can’t access the site at one time, do try again later.

Once there are some contributions on the site, Mr. Tarasyuk asks readers to share it widely.

(via Peter Singer)

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Alison Irens
2 years ago

Sounds like a good idea.