Ways to Help Ukraine

Daniel (Daniil) M. Ozernyi of Northwestern University writes:

I am a Ukrainian. I am sure you are aware of the situation which befell my country over the last few days.

The invading troops have shown cruelty beyond measure and expression, to which the Taliban’s calls for exercising restraint attests. My family is still in Ukraine, under the air strikes, and my friends and former colleagues are on the streets facing Russian militia while I myself am on the brink of flying over to Poland to get to Kyiv and be with my people in these times. 

I am reaching out to you hoping that you perhaps could share with the Daily Nous community some ways to help the Ukrainian and wider affected community. I hope most sincerely for your compassion and empathy!

Daniel provided the following links:

He also notes that friends of his have created a website which includes suggestions for donations and other ways of contributing to and supporting the Ukrainians: standwithukraine.how.

Please consider helping.



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Sergio Tenenbaum
Sergio Tenenbaum
2 years ago

It might be worth noting that Canadian donations to the Red Cross‘s Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal are matched by the Canadian government, up to a total of CAD 10M (you need to make the donations through the Canadian chapter, linked above).

Markus Wild
2 years ago

Thank you, Daniel! I’m really shocked by what’s going on, I feel shame for my country (Switzerland), but I hope that Switzerland will follow the sanctions today. The Swiss online Blog «Geschichte der Gegenwart» shared some links (reliable news, informations, help) (In German, but one will be able to spot the relevant links to the English sites):

Ginny Hendricks
2 years ago
Zenon Marko
2 years ago

Thank you for posting this. This war is a horrific crisis for Ukrainians, for Ukraine, and for the world. I have the greatest admiration for those courageously resisting the invasion in Ukraine, and for those in Russia bravely protesting in the face of serious personal risk. The outcome of this nightmare will surely define the character of the world for decades. What kind of world do we wish to inhabit?

I believe Ukraine, land of my parents, can survive this and be free. However, even in the best of cases, with a rapid conclusion to this war, the losses are mounting, and many are suffering and dying. The support of allies and friends is essential to bringing this disaster to an end as soon as possible, and to helping those in need.

Best regards,

Zenon Marko
The New School