New additions to the Heap of Links…

  1. “No one is likely to hold stuff like this against grad students” — whether public controversies or grievances about philosophy departments affect their students’ professional opportunities
  2. “I have this master plan to transform academic writing to the point where every article and every book is actually interesting and fun to read. I know this is ridiculous” — an interview with Toril Moi (Duke) on how she thinks about writing, the teaching of writing, and the audiences for which she writes
  3. “If you just think you’re compensating people for past harm, you’re not challenging the system that produced those harms in the first place and will produce tomorrow’s harms” — an interview with Olúfẹ́mi O. Táíwò (Georgetown) on reparations, the environment, history, and the future
  4. “Essential to the whole enterprise of Socratic conversation… is a willingness to be refuted. Willingness may be too weak. For Socrates describes rather a positive delight or eagerness to be refuted” — Andrew Beer (Christendom College) on the benefits of being refuted
  5. “In the land of the infinite, the bullet-biting utilitarian train runs out of track… [and] infinite ethics is a problem for everyone, not just utilitarians” — Joe Carlsmith (Oxford) discusses the fascinating problems that infinities bring to ethics
  6. “What Makes Heavy Metal ‘Heavy’?” — figuring that out is itself a pretty heavy task, argues Jason Miller (Warren Wilson College)
  7. New developments in plagiarism: AI paraphrasing tools — one professor’s experience detecting its use by a student

Mini-Heap posts usually appear when 7 or so new items accumulate in the Heap of Links, a collection of items from around the web that may be of interest to philosophers. Discussion welcome.

The Heap of Links consists partly of suggestions from readers; if you find something online that you think would be of interest to the philosophical community, please send it in for consideration for the Heap. Thanks!

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