Job Applicants per Area of Specialization

Over at Philosophers’ Cocoon there’s a post soliciting information from search committees about the number of applicants they’ve received for the positions they are aiming to fill this season.

The idea is to get a sense of how the numbers of applicants vary by area of specialization.

[Laurie Frick, “Time Tracking” (detail)]

The post was prompted by an early career philosopher who wrote with the following query:

I am wondering if we can have a discussion where search committees share the AOS they seek and the number of applications they received in this job cycle. I think that a post like that will be especially valuable for early careers. We know that for most open searches, a typical number is around 600, but what about areas like M&E, history, ethics, non-western, gender, race, etc,.?

I agree with chief Cocooner Marcus Arvan that this would be interesting to learn about. So if you’ve been involved with a search this year, please go over to the Cocoon and share the AOS of the position and the number of applicants for it. Thanks!

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