How Does This Year’s Academic Philosophy Job Market Look?

At this point in the job market last year, there were 65 advertisments for positions in academic philosophy advertised at PhilJobs. What about this year?

Marcus Arvan (Tampa) has taken a look and reports:

The good news… is that there are more than twice as many job ads this year as last year, and that this year’s job market is fairly close to how things were pre-COVID. The bad news is that, compared to before COVID, this year’s market is still on the lower end of the spectrum.

He notes that the number of total ads is not the same as the number of total jobs, and that “there seem to be more ads than usual that advertise more than one job (for example, a few ads advertise 2-4 jobs apiece!).”

See The Philosophers’ Cocoon for more detailed information from Professor Arvan.

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James Brewster
2 years ago

There is little to celebrate here, as the job market remains a disgrace! Remember – even if we are back to the same number of jobs advertised as there were pre-Covid, we have an enormous backlog of recent PhDs (who didn’t get a job in the impossible 2020 round) who are now competing against the huge doctorate-dump of new PhD graduates this year, further flooding an already far oversaturated market.

Thom Brooks
2 years ago

I would recommend those looking for an academic career as philosophers to be open to doing philosophy in non-philosophy departments, such as Political Science Departments and Law Schools (especially for those working in social, political and/or legal philosophy) – and expand opportunities.