Demographics in Philosophy Seeks Web Developer

The Demographics in Philosophy project is seeking a volunteer web developer.

The Demographics in Philosophy project collects data on gender disparities in faculty hiring and publishing in philosophy.

The project is looking to update its website. The volunteer should have front and back end web development skills (in Python, JavaScript, HTML/CSS and ReactJS). If you are interested in joining the project, please email Dr. Nicole Hassoun at [email protected].

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Fair Pay
2 years ago

A volunteer so someone can face more publishing disparities if they spend their time on free service by doing web development for a cause they care about rather than work up another publication (and possibly get that full time, permanent job)? Is there really no funding out there to compensate someone for their expertise to work on this website?

Nicole Hassoun
Reply to  Fair Pay
2 years ago

Funders are most welcome too (though we’ve yet to get any grants to support the project and I do not get a standing research budget from my University to do so myself)! I’ve approached the APA, Sanders Foundation, and Mellon but no luck yet. Currently, no one’s time on the project is compensated and nothing gets done unless people want to do it. We would love to have a developer who is already in a position where they do not have to worry about getting a permanent job etc. and we do what we can to support those who want to join the effort. Stay well!

Gauge Sweaney
Gauge Sweaney
Reply to  Nicole Hassoun
2 years ago

Would be nice if I had a bit more experience. I’ve only been programming for a few years and I know html, css, python (with flask api) and a bit with php as well as other languages not important here. I do really like the idea, especially for those who are like me, and looking for more experience, though unfortunately I don’t think I’m quite prepared for such a job yet, since I’m only 17 and never have done a legit job like that 😅 keep up the good work and I hope you find a good one

Nicole Hassoun
2 years ago

Thanks for posting Justin! I should say that we might not actually need all these languages as our older developer says we just require ReactJS, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. No backend is required because the data was inserted manually. Thank you!!