Templeton Launches Experimental Philosophy of Religion Multi-Team Project

The John Templeton Foundation has awarded a $2,349,634, 3-year grant to Ian Church, assistant professor of philosophy at Hillsdale College, to lead a multi-team project on experimental philosophy of religion.

Ian Church

According to an announcement by the Templeton Foundation, the aim of the project is “to kick-start broad, interdisciplinary engagement in XPhi of religion” and establish “XPhi of religion as a new, bona fide area of research.” It involves applications from the following ten research teams, some of which will be funded by the grant:

  • Joshua Knobe (Yale); Michael Rea (Notre Dame); Jonathan Schaffer (Rutgers); David Rose (Stanford); & Deborah Kelemen (Boston)
  • Stephen Stich (Rutgers); Justin Sytsma (VUW); Nick Byrd (SIT)
  • Daniel Lim (Duke Kunshan) & Ryan Nichols (Fullerton)
  • Charity Anderson (Baylor); Kutter Callaway (Fuller); & Sarah Schnitker (Baylor)
  • Kevin Scharp (St Andrews) & Andrew Torrance (St Andrews)
  • Edouard Machery (Pittsburgh) & Ameni Mehrez (CEU)
  • Shaun Nichols (Cornell); Tamar Kushnir (Cornell); & David Pizarro (Cornell)
  • Jordan Wessling (Lindsey Wilson); Aku Visala (Helsinki); & Michael Laakasuo (Helsinki)
  • Sarah Ritchie (Edinburgh); Myron Penner (Trinity Western); & Jonathan Jong (Oxford/Coventry)
  • Helen De Cruz (SLU) & Johan De Smedt (SLU).

You can learn more about the grant here.

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thomas dijkstra
10 months ago

It would have been more satisfying an announcement to have detailed the hopes and desires prompting the project.Report

10 months ago

What distinguishes Xphi of Religion from Psychology of Religion?Report