Templeton Launches Experimental Philosophy of Religion Multi-Team Project

The John Templeton Foundation has awarded a $2,349,634, 3-year grant to Ian Church, assistant professor of philosophy at Hillsdale College, to lead a multi-team project on experimental philosophy of religion.

Ian Church

According to an announcement by the Templeton Foundation, the aim of the project is “to kick-start broad, interdisciplinary engagement in XPhi of religion” and establish “XPhi of religion as a new, bona fide area of research.” It involves applications from the following ten research teams, some of which will be funded by the grant:

  • Joshua Knobe (Yale); Michael Rea (Notre Dame); Jonathan Schaffer (Rutgers); David Rose (Stanford); & Deborah Kelemen (Boston)
  • Stephen Stich (Rutgers); Justin Sytsma (VUW); Nick Byrd (SIT)
  • Daniel Lim (Duke Kunshan) & Ryan Nichols (Fullerton)
  • Charity Anderson (Baylor); Kutter Callaway (Fuller); & Sarah Schnitker (Baylor)
  • Kevin Scharp (St Andrews) & Andrew Torrance (St Andrews)
  • Edouard Machery (Pittsburgh) & Ameni Mehrez (CEU)
  • Shaun Nichols (Cornell); Tamar Kushnir (Cornell); & David Pizarro (Cornell)
  • Jordan Wessling (Lindsey Wilson); Aku Visala (Helsinki); & Michael Laakasuo (Helsinki)
  • Sarah Ritchie (Edinburgh); Myron Penner (Trinity Western); & Jonathan Jong (Oxford/Coventry)
  • Helen De Cruz (SLU) & Johan De Smedt (SLU).

You can learn more about the grant here.

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thomas dijkstra
2 years ago

It would have been more satisfying an announcement to have detailed the hopes and desires prompting the project.

2 years ago

What distinguishes Xphi of Religion from Psychology of Religion?