Online Philosophy Resources Weekly Update

The weekly report on new and revised entries at online philosophy resources and new reviews of philosophy books…



  1. Abu Bakr al-Razi, by Peter Adamson (Muenchen).


  1. Ambiguity, by Adam Sennet.
  2. Reliabilist Epistemology, by Alvin Goldman and Bob Beddor.
  3. Feminist History of Philosophy, by Charlotte Witt and Lisa Shapiro.
  4. Depiction, by John Hyman and Katerina Bantinaki.
  5. Science and Pseudo-Science, by Sven Ove Hansson.
  6. Abduction, by Igor Douven.
  7. The Definition of Death, by David DeGrazia.

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Recent Philosophy Book Reviews in Non-Academic Media 

  1. Disguised Academic Plagiarism by Michael V. Doughertyreviewed by David A. Sanders at Times Higher Ed.
  2. Entitled: How Male Privilege Hurst Women by Kate Manne, reviewed by Spencer Case at Claremont Review of Books (paywalled).

Compiled by Michael Glawson

BONUS: Philosophically dangerous AI

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