Louis Charland (1958-2021)

Louis Charland, professor of philosophy, psychiatry, and health sciences at Western University (Ontario), has died.

Professor Charland was known for his research in philosophy of psychiatry and medicine, philosophy of emotions, and biomedical ethics, including work on questions related to anorexia and its treatment. You can learn more about his writings here and here.

Professor Charland joined the faculty at Western in 1998. Prior to that, he held appointments at McGill University and the University of Toronto. He worked not just in academic settings, but also as a bioethicist in hospitals and as a consultant for government projects.

He died of a heart attack on May 10th.


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Anna Alexandrova
Anna Alexandrova
1 year ago
Anthony Skelton
1 year ago

Louis’s death is sad and shocking. He will be missed.

He was born in 1958.


Trevor Bieber
1 year ago
John Butchko
1 year ago

A brilliant man who will be missed. RIP.Report

Evan Thompson
1 year ago

Louis was a very dear friend. Besides being a first-rate philosopher, he was a fine chef, lover and writer of poetry, and a talented musician. He embraced life’s joys and sorrows with an open heart and generous spirit. He was one of the kindest and biggest-hearted people I’ve known. I will miss him enormously.Report

Carlos Schvartzman
1 year ago

What a loss!. So sorry.Report