Database of Prospective Candidates for Diversity-Related Fellowships & Post Docs

The Consortium for Faculty Diversity is “committed to increasing the diversity of students, faculty members and curricular offerings at liberal arts colleges with a particular focus on enhancing the diversity of faculty members and of applicants for faculty positions,” and does so by offering dissertation and post-doctoral fellowships across a range of disciplines, including philosophy.

[Ervin A. Johnson, detail of a painting from “#InHonor” series]

The Consortium consists of over 60 liberal arts colleges and maintains a database of prospective candidates for the fellowships from which member institutions hire according to their needs.

This program was brought to my attention by Yuval Avnur (Scripps), who exaplained that at many colleges, departments compete with each other to be among those who host the fellows, and that the outcomes sometimes depend on the disciplines of those in the database:

The more philosophers are in this database… the more hires philosophy departments can make through this. At a time when the job market is abysmal, I thought it might be good to let everyone in philosophy know about this, so that, if they qualify, they can be part of this database and increase their chances (and also increase the chances for philosophy departments to make a post doc hire at all).

Who is eligible for these fellowships? This is addressed in the FAQ section of their site:

Do I have to be a member of a particular race or ethnicity to be eligible for a fellowship?
The member institutions of the Consortium for Faculty Diversity have resolved that diversity is defined more broadly than race and ethnicity. The members seek candidates who will contribute to increasing the diversity of member colleges in one or more of the following ways: by increasing ethnic and racial diversity, by maximizing the educational benefits of diversity and/or by increasing the number of faculty members who can and will use diversity as a resource for enriching the education of students.

Those looking for fellowships can apply to be considered for them here.

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Alex Bryant
2 years ago

Should be noted here that the program appears to be open exclusively to those who can “provide evidence of U.S. citizenship or unconditional permanent residency status at the time of hire.” Looks great, just a caveat worth noting before people start sending this around.

2 years ago

Irish need not apply?

Reply to  Justin Weinberg
2 years ago

Justin: Thanks for the note. I think my subtle (?) attempt at humor may have missed the mark. Or perhaps you are responding to my humor with your own attempt at humor? I was making a gentle jab at anything that would be called “Diversity-Related Fellowships & Post Docs”.
Carry on!


2 years ago

For those interested, the application for the Dissertation Fellowship closed at the end of March I did not check the postdoc one.

If they do another round, it looks like it opens in June.