Simion Wins 2021 Young Epistemologist Prize

Mona Simion of the Cogito: Epistemology Research Centre at the University of Glasgow is the winner of the 2021 Young Epistemologist Prize.

Dr. Simion won the prize for her paper, “Resistance to Evidence and the Duty to Believe,” which she will deliver at the upcoming Rutgers Epistemology Conference, and which is forthcoming in Philosophy and Phenomenological Research.

The Young Epistemologist Prize, offered by the conference, includes $1000 and the coverage of expenses associated with attending the Rutgers conference. To be eligible to compete for it, a person must have a Ph.D. obtained by the time of the submission of the paper but not earlier than six years prior to the date of the conference.

Last fall, Dr. Simion was awarded a €1.5 million grant from the European Research Council to support her project, “Knowledge-First Epistemology.” You can learn more her work here.

(via Jack Lyons)

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