Online Philosophy Resources Weekly Update

Here’s the report on new and revised entries in online philosophy resources and new reviews of philosophy books.


New:   ∅


  1. Privacy and Medicine, by Anita Allen.
  2. Challenges to Metaphysical Realism, by Drew Khlentzos.
  3. al-Farabi’s Philosophy of Society and Religion, by Nadja Germann.
  4. Mysticism in Arabic and Islamic Philosophy, by Mehdi Aminrazavi.

IEP   ∅

NDPR   ∅

Wireless Philosophy  ∅

1000-Word Philosophy  ∅

Recent Philosophy Book Reviews in Non-Academic Media

  1. Seeing Silence by Mark C. Taylor, reviewed by Anthony Curtis Adler at LA Review of Books.
  2. The Tyranny of Merit: What’s Become Of The Common Good? by Michael J. Sandel, reviewed by Christopher Kutz at LA Review of Books.
  3. Wollstonecraft: Philosophy, Passion, and Politics by Sylvana Tomaselli, reviewed by Judith Hawley at Literary Review and Freya Johnston at London Review of Books.

Compiled by Michael Glawson


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