Petition Opposing Suspension of Tenure in Kansas (updated)

The faculty at the University of Kansas (KU) have organized a petition to pressure the provost and chancellor at the university to disavow the State Regents decision to permist Kansas universities to abandon tenure protections for faculty.

Anyone is welcome to sign the petition, which states:

As colleagues, students, alumni, donors and supporters of universities in general, we stand with the faculty and staff of the University of Kansas who object to a new regents policy that suspends the procedures of shared governance, including tenure protection, in order to ease dismissals, suspensions, and terminations. The principles of shared governance and transparency exist to support free inquiry and learning in all universities. We call upon Chancellor Douglas Girod to join the leaders of other Kansas Regents universities by refusing to exercise the policy and respect the long-standing standards of the academic profession.

As of this post, nearly 2000 people have added their names to the petition. You can sign it here.

UPDATE (1/26/21): A summary of recent developments about this policy and the University of Kansas can be found here. Of particular note:

On January 26, Provost Bichelmeyer sent a video message to KU faculty and staff announcing that, while she hoped it would not be necessary, she would continue with implementing the new policy. You can access the video with the Provost’s message here.


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Robert N. Johnson
Robert N. Johnson
3 years ago

Shocking disregard for academic freedom.