The Condition of Daily Nous

I’ve been receiving some queries about the site, so I thought a brief post was in order.

In 2020, Daily Nous had 6,880,276 page views. That’s a slight increase (of not quite 3%) from the year before. So in terms of traffic and interest, the site is doing fine. As always, I appreciate your reading, commenting on, and sharing posts, and I welcome your suggestions for the site.

At the same time, the current version of the site, which was launched six months into DN’s existence in the Fall of 2014, has been suffering from an increase in technical problems. Part of this has to do with the accumulation of files, but mainly it is the result of the discontinuation of certain modules (plug-ins) the site uses that have to be replaced, and some out-of-date background software that takes a fair amount of time and effort to liberate the site from.

Visitors to the site may have noticed the following problems recently: increased frequency of site outages, the reply button in the comments no longer working, the halting of email subscriptions, and certain formatting irregularities. I’m sorry about these problems.

The good news is that repairs are underway, and that within a few weeks the site should be back in good health. Thanks for your patience.

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Martin Lenz
3 years ago

Thanks for all your great work!

Jon Light
3 years ago

Thanks for all you do; that stuff’s tricky to navigate.