Summer 2021 Philosophy Programs for Undergraduate Students

As in years past, I’m creating a post for listing summer programs in philosophy for undergraduate students. (Similar posts will be forthcoming for graduate students and high school students.)

[Detail of calendar by Yamamoto Yoshiko]

If you are organizing such a program, please add a comment to this post that includes:
– program name
– dates
– location (is it currently planned as an online event, physical event, physical event with some online participation, physical event with an online contingency plan?)
– contact information
– application deadline
– a description of the program
– link to further information

Here’s an example:

Colorado Summer Seminar in Philosophy: Ethics Meets Epistemology
Dates: June 6 – June 25, 2021
Location: Boulder, Colorado (or on Zoom, if unable to hold event in person in Boulder)
Contact: David Boonin [email protected]
Deadline: March 5 (review of applications begins)
Description: The topic for the 2021 Summer Seminar is “Ethics Meets Epistemology.” Each class session will focus on an issue at the intersection between these two areas of philosophy. The seminar will be team taught by ten or more faculty members and will cover a wide variety of historical and contemporary subjects. Likely subjects to be covered include: Plato on moral knowledge, Aristotle on moral knowledge, Aquinas on the ethics of faith, Descartes on the ethics of belief, Mill on epistemology and free speech, the epistemology of moral testimony, moral reasons for belief, the epistemic status of moral intuitions, value comparisons in ethics and epistemology, agent-centered norms in ethics and epistemology, a priori moral and mathematical knowledge, and doxastic voluntarism and the ethics of belief. Class sessions will be supplemented by a variety of extracurricular events, including talks on additional subjects and workshops on such topics as women in philosophy and how to apply to graduate school.
Further information:

Thank you!

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