A Call for Public Philosophy Posts at PEA Soup

PEA Soup—the long-running, excellent “philosophy, ethics, academia” group blog—will be publishing more public philosophy and is looking for contributors.

Here are the details:

We at PEA Soup plan to create a new segment of the blog, The Pebble, to feature short pieces (max 2000 words) of public philosophy. Pieces submitted should be accessibly written by philosophers and grapple with topics of broad, public concern in the area of politics, ethics, and academia. For example, submissions may (but need not) fall full under headings like:

    • Philosophers Argument Check – Pieces that fall under this category involve philosophers presenting, clarifying, and/or evaluating arguments presented in popular, public forums—newspapers, blogs, social media, etc.
    • The Ethics of Grading – Pieces that fall under this category involve philosophers presenting arguments for some considered view concerning the ethics of grading policies and practices.
    • Popularize This – Pieces that fall under this category involve philosophers attempting to expose topics in academic philosophy to a broader audience.

The aim of The Pebble is for philosophers to have a place to find and submit short, high quality-works of public philosophy and to serve as a venue for hosting such works in lieu of social media or other pay-walled venues. This new segment of PEA Soup will be moderated and edited by Adam Patterson. Please send your pieces for consideration to him [email protected] with the subject line ‘The Pebble: Submission’.

(via Adam Patterson)

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