New Philosophy Podcasts

A couple of new philosophy podcasts have started up recently.

One is called Overthink. Created by Ellie Anderson, assistant professor of philosophy at Pomona College, and David M. Peña-Guzmán, assistant professor of humanities and liberal studies at San Francisco State University, the podcast puts philosophical ideas in dialogue with contemporary culture and everyday life. They say that the podcast is aimed primarily at Millennials and Gen Z.

So far, topics covered on Overthink include, among other things, ” how capitalism has shifted our experience of time by changing our society’s dominant mode of production” and  an exploration of the phenomenology of nostalgia that “considers how nostalgia might express itself in the discourse of MAGA supporters and ‘cottage-core,’ a recent trend on TikTok.”

Overthink is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and all other major podcasting platforms. For more information, you visit the podcast’s feed on Instagram at overthink_pod or email the hosts at [email protected].

The other is The Philosophy and Film Podcast. Hosted by Joe Saunders, assistant professor of philosophy at the University of Durham, the podcast “explores the philosophical questions raised by some of cinema’s most intriguing films.” The podcast is sponsored by The Hyde Park Cinema House, and independent art house theater in Leeds.

Each episode features Dr. Saunders in conversation with another philosopher. The first episode is a discussion of “love, drugs, and vulnerability” in Phantom Thread with Natasha McKeever (Leeds).

Philosophy and Film is available to listen to on various platforms; you can check it out on Spotify, via Buzzsprout, and at its own page here.

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Michael Walschots
3 years ago

Some readers might also be interested in another new podcast called ‘The History of Scottish Philosophy wi Muckle Gaps’, hosted by the Institute of Intellectual History at the University of St. Andrews. See here: , available on spotify as well.

Anne Jeffrey
3 years ago

A great bioethics podcast that’s accessible for undergraduates: