New Center for Knowledge, Technology and Society at UC Irvine

The University of California, Irvine has created a Center for Knowledge, Technology and Society.

The Center, directed by philosophy professor Duncan Pritchard, is focused on applied epistemology. It’s

devoted to research that approaches epistemological questions from an applied and interdisciplinary angle, with a particular focus on the application of epistemology to technological and societal issues. This includes such topics as social epistemology, intellectual virtue, political epistemology, epistemology of law, medical epistemology, epistemology of cognitive science, knowledge and technology, relativism, skepticism, epistemology of education, and epistemology of religion.

The Center will be hosting lecture series, developing educational programs, engaging in public outreach, and launching an online MA program in applied philosophy, according to an interview with Professor Pritchard. It also created a campus-wide project to promote the virtues of curiosity, integrity, intellectual humility and intellectual tenacity.

You can learn more about the Center here.

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Kenny Easwaran
3 years ago

It seems a little surprising that none of the social epistemologists at UCI’s department of Logic and Philosophy of Science are involved! But sometimes there are institutional barriers to doing that sort of work across college boundaries within the university.