British Society for the Philosophy of Science Launches Open Access Book Publishing

The British Society for the Philosophy of Science (BSPS) has launched a new program to publish open access philosophy of science monographs.

BSPS Open aims to publish “landmark, cutting edge works that represent the full breadth and diversity of the philosophy of science.” The monographs it publishes will be “beautiful, freely downloadable” files with print-on-demand versions available for purchase. It will be a so-called “platinum” open access service, in that it charges fees to neither readers nor authors. It will publish works “on the basis of merit alone, and not on an author’s ability to pay a fee.”

The publishing initiative is headed by editorial chair Helen Beebee (University of Manchester), and editors-in-chief Bryan Roberts (London School of Economics) and David Teira (Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia). (The editorial board is listed here.)

It is supported through fundraising, print-sales, and a partnership between the BSPS and the University of Calgary Press.

You can learn more about BSPS Open here.

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