Undergraduate Philosophy Journals Database

Do you know undergraduate philosophy students who might be interested in publishing their work?

Ashley Denney, has compiled information about undergaduate philosophy journals and organized it on a publicly-accessible spreadsheet.

It includes journal names, descriptions, submission information, and web addresses.

If you have material to add to the database, you can email it to Ms. Denney or request edit access from her.

You can view the database below or at its own site, here.

UPDATE (4/17/22): the affiliation and contact information for Ashley Dennis was updated.

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Mark Herman
3 years ago

Thanks to Ms. Denny! This is a great resource! Nonetheless, for what it’s worth, I encourage these journals to post CFP’s on PhilEvents (as Aporia did today) since the journals’ websites can be ambiguous. For example, a website may say that submissions are due in December, simpliciter, (as opposed to December 2020) without confirmation that this information is up to date and that there will be an issue this coming cycle (e.g., whether taking a year off due to COVID or, considering that these journals often don’t last very long, the journal having folded). In this respect, I suspect that the spreadsheet constitutes a source of excellent *leads*, but I wouldn’t advise students under the presumption that they’ll all pan out.