Jeffrie Murphy (1940-2020)

Jeffrie G. Murphy, Regents Professor of Law, Philosophy and Religious Studies at Arizona State University (ASU), has died.

Professor Murphy was highly regarded for his work in philosophy of law and related areas. His books include Punishment and the Moral Emotions: Essays on Law, Morality, and Religion (2012), Getting Even: Forgiveness and its Limits (2003), Forgiveness and Mercy (with Jean Hampton, 1988), and the well-known text, The Philosophy of Law: An Introduction to Jurisprudence (with Jules Colemman, 1984), among others. You can learn more about his research here and here.

Professor Murphy joined the ASU’s Department of Philosophy in 1981, initially as chair. He became a professor of law at the university in 1987. He also maintained affiliations with the university’s religious studies faculty and its School of Social Transformation. Prior to his arrival at ASU, he was professor of philosophy for a decade at the University of Arizona, and before that, at the University of Minnesota. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Rochester and was an undergraduate at Johns Hopkins University.

ASU has published a memorial notice here.

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