Media Training for Philosophers

Luara Ferracioli, senior lecturer in political philosophy at the University of Sydney, will be taking part in a program “designed to nurture the communication skills and media awareness of our emerging thinkers to help them share their knowledge and expertise with audiences seeking credible material and informed debate.”

She is one of 15 scholars—five in the humanities, 5 in the sciences, and 5 in the arts—who was selected to take part in the “Top 5 Media Residency Program,” run by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

[Gaetano Gandolfi, “Alexander and Diogenes”]

Those selected “spend two weeks in residence at ABC Radio National, working alongside some of the country’s best journalists and broadcasters, training in media communication and developing content for different ABC platforms.”

This sounds like a great program, especially because its participants will be working with and learning directly from media professionals. Are there similar programs elsewhere? Perhaps the American Philosophical Association (APA) or the Public Philosophy Network (PPN) could push for something similar to be established in the U.S.

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