$1.45 Million Grant Won for Project on Philosophy of Science and Theology

Meghan Page, assistant professor of philosophy at Loyola University Maryland has won a grant of $1,455,601 to support her project, “Building Foundations in Science-Engaged Theology: Insights from Philosophy of Science”.

The project aims “to apply insights from contemporary philosophy of science to recurrent debates in philosophy of religion and theology,” exploring “how scientific concepts can be applied to questions about the nature of the divine, its role in the world, the extent of human freedom, and the shape and structure of the natural order,” according to a press release from Loyola.

Meghan Page

Professor Page’s project brings together scholars in philosophy and theology from several institutions. The grant, from the John Templeton Foundation, will fund the project for three years, supporting research, summer seminars, and the development of pedagogy that “integrates philosophy of science with investigations of the divine.”

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