New philosophy-related links…

  1. When it comes to re-opening schools, “the well-being of members of one group depends upon the suffering, and perhaps even death, of the members of another group” — a possible way out of this stalemate, from Matthew Noah Smith (Northeastern)
  2. The kinds of activities associated with “canceling” may be part of “the best way to bring about well-functioning marketplace of ideas” — Justin Khoo (MIT) on the “messy and unprincipled” processes of figuring out “which positions are deserving of serious discussion”
  3. Masks and mistakes in moral mathematics — Daniel Muñoz (Monash) applies Parfitian insights to pandemic problems
  4. “Have you felt a sense of friendship, or at any rate, a sense of fellow-feeling with philosophers in the past?” — Helen De Cruz (SLU) on philosophy “stans”
  5. In rationing scarce medical resources, should we give priority to people who are parents? — Moti Gorin (Colorado State University) discusses this idea in an interview conducted by Katrien Devolder (Oxford)
  6. “We all have philosophical love stories” — here’s one from Fleur Jongepier (Radboud), along with some more general thoughts about philosophical love
  7. A poetry contest for children aimed at celebrating the work of Mary Midgley — from In Parenthesis, a project of Rachael Wiseman (Liverpool) and Clare MacCumhaill (Durham)

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