New Editor at NDPR

Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews (NDPR), the online journal of reviews of philosophy books, has a new editor.

The journal was created in 2002 by Gary Gutting and Anastasia Friel Gutting, who co-edited it until Gary Gutting’s death in 2019. Anastasia Friel Gutting continued as sole editor, but has now announced her resignation.

Jc Beall, who is moving from the University of Connecticut to the University of Notre Dame, will be the new editor-in-chief.

In an announcement at the site, Gutting says that she has transferred ownership of NDPR to the university. She adds:

It was grand creating and co-editing the journal with Gary, and a comfort and pleasure to continue editing after he was gone. None of this could have been, of course, without our superb reviewers and authors, and (very specially) you, our most excellent readers.

You can view her announcement here.

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10 months ago

Massive thanks to Anastasia Gutting for all of her work on NDPR. It’s a terrific resource. Report

10 months ago

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve benefitted from NDPR. It’s consistently one the best places I can turn to for reviews of philosophical books.

Thanks to Anastasia Gutting for all of her work.Report

9 months ago

Thank you Anastasia! Report

8 months ago

Is there any idea when the NDPR will start publishing reviews again? I miss it! But, I see no info at all about when it will start publishing again. Report