The Cutest Little Philosophers You’ve Ever Seen

Yuzuko Nakamura, a teaching fellow in computer science at University College London, has professional interest in robotics, computer graphics, and animation. She also likes to paint.

She took a watercolors class a few years ago, and painted a variety of subjects.

Yuzuko Nakamura, “Owl”

She writes:

Seeing me do art regularly, my partner Liam kept begging me to draw philosophers.

That would be Liam Kofi Bright, assistant professor of philosophy at the London School of Economics (who blogs here). She continues:

After telling him I can only draw things in anime style, he said that was fine and has been feeding me lists of philosophers he’d like me to draw next ever since. This series is on hold at the moment, but I’m hopeful that I might pick it up again.

Dr. Nakamura gave me permission to share some samples from her watercolor and inkpen “Chibi Philosopher Series” (“chibi” is a style of illustration, popular in Japan, in which characters are drawn to appear cute and little). The accompanying brief descriptions were written with the help of Dr. Bright.

Yuzuko Nakamura, “Ada Lovelace”

Yuzuko Nakamura, “Zhuangzi”

Yuzuko Nakamura, “W.E.B. Du Bois”

Yuzuko Nakamura, “Angela Davis”

Yuzuko Nakamura, “Rudolf Carnap”

Check out the whole series here.

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4 years ago

Yuzuko: I (and I bet others!) would love to buy high-ish quality prints of these for my office/department–I hope you’ll consider selling some!

James Stephens
4 years ago

What is “cute”? These!