Online Philosophy Resources Weekly Update

Here’s the weekly report on new and revised entries in online philosophy resources and new reviews of philosophy books.



  1. Simplicius, by Christoph Helmig.
  2. Descartes’ Method, by Tarek R. Dika.
  3. Climate Justice, by Simon Caney.


  1. Feminist Moral Psychology, by Anita Superson.
  2. Natural Law Theories, by John Finnis.
  3. Future Contingents, by Peter Øhrstrøm and Per Hasle.
  4. Catharine Macaulay, by Karen Green.
  5. Philosophy of Biology, by Jay Odenbaugh and Paul Griffiths.


  1. Bernardino Telesio, by Emilio Sergio.


  1. John Carriero reviews Descartes and the Ontology of Everyday Life (Oxford), by Deborah J. Brown and Calvin G. Normore.
  2. Markus Seidel reviews Viewpoint Relativism: A New Approach to Epistemological Relativism based on the Concept of Points of View (Springer), by Antti Hautamaäki.
  3. Ulf Hlobil reviews Consequences of Reference Failure (Routledge), by Michael McKinsey
  4. Mary Katrina Krizan reviews Aristotle on Matter, Form, and Moving Causes: The Hylomorphic Theory of Substantial Generation (Cambridge), by Devin Henry.
  5. Christie Hartley reviews Liberalism, Neutrality, and the Gendered Division of Labor (Oxford), by Gina Schouten.

Wireless Philosophy

Recent Philosophy Book Reviews in Non-Academic Media 

  1. Frank Ramsey: A Sheer Excess of Powers by Cheryl Misak, reviewed by Joseph Brean at The National Post.
  2. Irrationality: A History of the Dark Side of Reason by Justin E.H. Smith, reviewed by Jonathan Egid at the Times Literary Supplement.

 Compiled by Michael Glawson.

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