Courses at McGill this Fall: “Primarily Through Remote Delivery Platforms”

McGill University announced today that most teaching there in Fall 2020 will be done remotely, owing to the COVID-19 pandemic.

From a press release from the university:

McGill’s Fall semester will start as scheduled, with the University committed to delivering the exciting, high quality, equitable  educational experience for which McGill is known. To allow McGill students to begin, or continue, their academic path no matter where they are, Fall 2020 courses will be offered primarily through remote delivery platforms…

As the situation evolves, and as public health restrictions on social gathering are lifted, the University will examine possibilities for on-campus student life and learning activities, which will respect careful safety protocols. These may include activities such as small classroom-based seminars, conferences, tutorials, workshops, or reading groups as well as various campus life and engagement activities. Keeping health and safety as its primary consideration, the University will aim to replicate virtually these activities to allow maximum participation by all. 

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