Karen Neander (1954-2020) (updated)

Karen Neander, professor of philosophy and linguistics at Duke University, has died.

Professor Neander was known for her work in philosophy of mind, philosophy of biology, philosophy of neuroscience, and cognitive science. She is the author of A Mark of the Mental: A Defence of Informational Teleosemantics, along with numerous other works. You can learn more about her research here.

Professor Neander earned her Ph.D. from La Trobe University in 1984 and held positions at the University of Sydney, the University of Adelaide, and the Australian National University, prior to her appointment at Duke in 2006. She died after a prolonged struggle with cancer.

UPDATE (September 9, 2020): Christopher Hill (Brown) and Carlotta Pavese (Cornell) have written an informative overview of Karen Neander’s career, discussing her philosophy and its significance.

Photo of Karen Neander by David Braddon-Mitchell

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