A Directory of Philosophers in Industry

In order to help those with graduate training in philosophy find employment outside of academia, Marcus Arvan (Tampa) has created a new “Directory of Philosophers in Industry.”

[Diego Rivera, “Detroit Industry”]

The directory was just launched, and additional entries are welcome. If you’d like to add your name to it, or have suggestions for it, contact Professor Arvan at [email protected].

Readers may also be interested in checking out the Non-Academic Hires page here.

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Marcus Arvan
4 years ago

Thanks so much for helping to crowdsource this, Justin! I plan to go through the Non-Academic Hires page in the next day or two to update the directory further (thanks for reminding me of it), but I would be very grateful to any DN readers who have suggestions for other additions or edits.

Reply to  Marcus Arvan
4 years ago

Lots of updates today!

Marcus Arvan
Reply to  Marcus
4 years ago

Geographical areas have now been added for easier searching.