Philosophers Among New Class of Guggenheim Fellows

Several scholars with appointments in philosophy are among the winners of this years Guggenheim Fellowships.

They are:

  • Sarah BussProfessor of Philosophy, University of Michigan: How to Be Coherent and How Coherent to Be.
  • David DyzenhausUniversity Professor of Law and Philosophy, University of Toronto: The Politics of Legal Space.
  • Robert Gooding-WilliamsM. Moran Weston/Black Alumni Council Professor of African-American Studies, Professor of Philosophy and of African American and African Diaspora Studies, Columbia University: Du Bois’s Political Aesthetics: The Moral Psychology of White Supremacy and the Ends of Beauty.
  • Alison GopnikProfessor of Psychology and Affiliate Professor of Philosophy, Department of Psychology, University of California, Berkeley: First Explore, Then Exploit: Formulating a Cognitive, Computational, and Evolutionary Theory of Childhood.
  • Susanna SchellenbergProfessor of Philosophy and Cognitive Science, Rutgers University: The Neural Basis of Perception: Discrimination, Information-Processing, and Biases.

Others among the 175 winners who have worked in philosophy or closely-related fields include:

  • Sabine IatridouProfessor of Linguistics, Department of Linguistics and Philosophy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Quexistentials and Their Significance for Linguistic Theory.
  • Melissa SchwartzbergJulius Silver, Roslyn S. Silver, and Enid Silver Winslow Professor of Politics, New York University: Judging Democracy: Jurors, Voters, and the Construction of Equal Citizens.
  • Vera KellerAssociate Professor of History, University of Oregon: Curating the German Enlightenment: Johann Daniel Major (1634-1693) and the Experimental Century.
  • David SepkoskiThomas M. Siebel Chair in History of Science and Professor, Department of History, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign: The Politics of Human Nature: Biological Determinism from Sociobiology to the Human Genome.

There were nearly 3,000 applicants for the fellowships. Award amounts vary, and are intended to provide 6-12 months of support. You can see the whole list of current winners here.


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Proud advisee
Proud advisee
4 years ago

Another winner in a closely related field is Lawrie Balfour, who’s a political theorist! She won for her book project on Toni Morrison which is listed as American Literature, but she’s currently the editor of Political Theory, which publishes political philosophers. She’s previously written on Du Bois, Ida Wells, and James Baldwin. Just had to give her a shout-out because I’ve worked with her and she’s great. Congrats to all!