What Is Your Department/University Doing For Its Graduate Students During The Pandemic?

Some universities have included in their responses to the pandemic measures that extend various deadlines for faculty, add an extra year to faculty tenure clocks, and delay post-tenure reviews. We’ve heard less, though, about what steps are being taken to help graduate students.

It would be useful to hear what measures universities and departments are taking to assist graduate students and protect their interests, particularly in regard to their research and their preparation for the job market. These might include:

  • Extensions of deadlines
  • Extensions of funding
  • Provision of summer funding
  • Purchasing equipment/services needed to work remotely
  • Moving career-related and professional development events and advising online, rather than cancelling them

It might be useful to also hear about ways graduate students are helping themselves and others in their departments during this time, intellectually, socially, and materially.

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