Online Philosophy Resources Weekly Update

The weekly report on new and revised entries in online philosophy resources and new reviews of philosophy books…



  1. Territorial Rights and Territorial Justice, by Margaret Moore (Queen’s University, Canada).
  2. Song-Ming Confucianism, by Justin Tiwald (San Fransisco).
  3. Edith Stein, by Thomas Szanto (Kobenhavn) and Dermot Moran (University College, Dublin).
  4. Computational Philosophy, by Patrick Grim (Stonybrook) and Daniel Singer (Pennsylvania).
  5. Johan Sturm, by Andrea Sngiacomo (Groningen), and Christian Henkel (Groningen).


  1. Simone de Beauvoir, by Debra Bergoffen and Megan Burke.
  2. Episteme and Techne, by Richard Parry.
  3. Ibn Sina’s Metaphysics, by Olga Lizzini.
  4. Medieval Theories of Obligationes, by Paul Vincent Spade and Mikko Yrjönsuuri.
  5. Form vs. Matter, by Thomas Ainsworth.
  6. Ayn Rand, by Neera K. Badhwar and Roderick T. Long.
  7. The Ethics of Manipulation, by Robert Noggle.
  8. Property and Ownership, by Jeremy Waldron.
  9. Tibetan Epistemology and Philosophy of Language, by Pascale Hugon.
  10. Concepts of Disease and Health, by Dominic Murphy.
  11. Hermann Cohen, by Scott Edgar.
  12. Naturalism in Epistemology, by Patrick Rysiew.


  1. Precautionary Principles, by Tanja Rechnitzer (Bern).


  1. Steven Nadler (Wisconsin-Madison) reviews Spinoza on Reason, Passions, and the Supreme Good (Oxford), by Andrea Sangiacomo.
  2. Emily Austin (Wake Forest) reviews Death and Immortality in Ancient Philosophy (Cambridge), by A. G. Long.
  3. Adam Knowles (Drexel) reviews Confronting Heidegger: A Critical Dialogue on Politics and Philosophy (Rowman and Littlefield), by Gregory Fried (ed.).
  4. Matthias Fritsch (Concordia) reviews Murderous Consent: On the Accommodation of Violent Deat (Fordham), by Marc Crépon.
  5. Sven Bernecker (Cologne/California-Irvine) reviews Memory: A Self-Referential Account (Oxford), by Jordi Fernández.
  6. Brandon A. Conley (Cornell) reviews What Biological Functions Are and Why They Matter (Cambridge), by Justin Garson.
  7. Allison Krile Thornton (South Alabama) reviews Current Controversies in Philosophy of Religion (Routledge), by Paul Draper (ed.).
  8. Donnchadh O’Conaill (Fribourg) reviews The Knowledge Argument (Cambridge), by Sam Coleman (ed.).
  9. Al-Yasha Ilhaam Williams (Spelman College) reviews Glissant and the Middle Passage: Philosophy, Beginning, Abyss (Minnesota), by John E. Drabinski.
  10. Wilfried Hinsch (Universität zu Köln) reviews The Habermas-Rawls Debate (Columbia), by James Gordon Finlayson.

1000-Word Philosophy

Wireless Philosophy

Recent Philosophy Book Reviews in Non-Academic Media

  1. Aaron Bn-Ze’ev reviews The Cosmopolitan Tradition, by Martha Nussbaum, at Los Angeles Review of Books.
  2. Stuart Whatley reviews The Cosompolitan Tradition, by Martha Nussbaum, at The Hedgehog Review.
  3. Nick Serpe reviews In The Shadow of Justice, by Katrina Forrester, at Dissent Magazine.
  4. John Williams reviews Sick Souls, Healthy Minds: How William James Can Save Your Life, by John Kaag, at The New York Times Book Review.

 Compiled by Michael Glawson.

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