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The weekly report on new and revised entries in online philosophy resources and new reviews of philosophy books…




  1. Feminist Perspectives on Globalization, by Serena Parekh and Shelley Wilcox.
  2. Modal Fictionalism, by Daniel Nolan.



  1. Kegan J. (Shaw, Anderson University) reviews New Issues in Epistemological Disjunctivism (Routledge), by Casey Doytle, Joseph Milburn, and Duncan Pritchard (eds.).
  2. Michael O. Hardimon (California-San Diego) reviews What is Race? Four Philosophical Views (Oxford), by Joshua Glashow, Sally Haslanger, Chike Jeffers, and Quayshawn Spencer.
  3. Mechthild Nagel (SUNY-Cortland) reviews Women’s Activism, Feminism, and Social Justice (Oxford), by Margaret A. McLaren.
  4. Mattia Riccardi (Porto) reviews Nietzsche’s Moral Psychology (Cambridge), by Mark Alfano.
  5. Lauren Olin (Missouri-St. Louis) reviews What It Is Like to Perceive: Direct Realism and the Phenomenal Character of Perception (Oxford), by J. Christopher Maloney.

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Wireless Philosophy

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Compiled by Michael Glawson.

BONUS: Prepare to be unprepared.


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