Additions & Changes to the Diversity Reading List Site

The Diversity Reading List (DRL), which collects philosophical texts written by authors from groups that have typically been underrepresented in philosophy, has recently undergone an expansion and is instituting some changes.

The expansion includes 350 new entries.

(Data from Diversity Reading List)

Regarding some of the other changes, Simon Fokt (Edinburgh), DRL’s project manager, writes:

This was the first step in developing a new operation model for the project. We’d like to turn away from our current model where our volunteers add entries some of which are inspired by public contributions, and towards a model where we invite the public to contribute directly to the site and our volunteers just moderate the contributions. To achieve this, we have now:

  • Revised our process to make our review time from contributing to appearing on the site much shorter. This means people who contribute will see their texts added within days. 
  • Introduced ‘stub entries’: contributors can now offer only basic information about a text, and we will publish it as an incomplete ‘stub entry’, which, in place of missing information, will include clear links inviting readers to expand it.

In the near future, we will aim to redesign the site a little, further streamlining the contribution process. We hope that these changes will make contributing easier and more rewarding, inspiring more people to add more texts. We would also like to invite colleagues to tell us what else we could do to make contributing easier for them.

 You can check out the Diversity Reading List here and contribute text suggestions or offer to volunteer for the project here.


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