Monday Mini-Heap…

  1. “Line Edit” is a show about writing short pieces for wide audiences about the big questions — its latest episode features S. Matthew Liao (NYU) talking about his piece on the ethics of Facebook
  2. The Journal of Social Philosophy has published its 50th Anniversary issue — all of the articles in it are freely accessible (for a few months)
  3. On philosophizing about disability — Elizabeth Barnes (Virginia) appears on the Embrace the Void podcast
  4. A discussion of panpsychism — between novelist Philip Pullman, who makes use of the idea in his fiction, and philosopher Philip Goff (Durham), who defends it in a recent book
  5. Planet Word is a new museum about language — it’s opening in Washington, DC this spring
  6. “Why should I as a professional philosopher engage in this activity? Simply put, because I have become a better philosopher by doing it” — Cristina Cammarano (Salisbury University) on teaching philosophy to children
  7. Are “near-death experiences” real? Probably. Are they accurate, though? — John Martin Fischer (UCR) on how to understand and appreciate near-death experiences

Mini-Heap posts appear when 7 or so new items accumulate in the Heap of Links, the ever-growing collection of items from around the web that may be of interest to philosophers. Discussion welcome.

The Heap of Links consists partly of suggestions from readers; if you find something online that you think would be of interest to the philosophical community, please send it in for consideration for the Heap. Thanks!


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