How Familiarity with Philosophy Impacts Moral Decision Making

Stephanie Brown, an undergraduate at Williams College majoring in philosophy and psychology, is completing a senior thesis on moral psychology, including “how familiarity with philosophy impacts moral decision making,” and she is seeking responses to a brief survey from people with Ph.D.s in philosophy.

Laurie Frick, Portrait Test paintings

Ms. Brown writes:

This survey takes 3-5 minutes, and completing the survey provides you with a 5% chance of winning a 100 dollar Amazon gift card. We would greatly appreciate your help by participating in this survey, as I am sure you can understand how difficult it is to find individuals with philosophical expertise. 

She is hoping to get 100 respondents. We can do that, no?

Here is the link to the survey.

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Chris Surprenant
Chris Surprenant
4 years ago

Love to see undergraduates work on projects like this. Best of luck!

4 years ago

One of the demographics questions has a small error, in that it asks how many years one is beyond the last degree, and there is a gap in the answer choices between 20-25 years.